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transport and forwarding

We, the team of Stadi Ltd, carry out transportation services and ensure timely deliveries of your freights. Whatever the type and volume of your consignment is, we will transport it on the shortest and most secure road. This will save you time and money.

Transport of whole and groupage freights:

  • from Bulgaria, Greece, Romania to the Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland) and back;
  • weekly groupage lines for Scandinavia – they leave every Sunday from Sofia and come back every Friday;
  • Transport on the territory of Bulgaria.

Transport of hazardous goods (ADR):

  • Transport of hazardous goods (ADR) class 1 to 9, to any point within Europe and beyond.

Specialized transport:

  • oversized and bulk goods;
  • containers;
  • clothes on hangers and personal belongings

Our forwarding services give you ease while arranging the transportation. We have our own motor park but if necessary, we ensure vehicles from our subcontractors, guaranteeing the quality and security of the transport performed by them.

We ensure customs representation of our clients in Bulgaria, Greece and Norway.

The freights we carry are protected by Cargo Carrier’s Liability and Forwarder’s Liability insurance policies. If you wish, we can conclude an additional cargo insurance policy of the goods. 

We control the whole transportation process, take care of the documentation and of any detail, in order to guarantee your satisfaction with our services.

We are here to perform the job to the highest standard. Contact us.