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Stadi Ltd was incorporated in 1994. Our main activity was trade with construction materials and later – domestic transport.

Throughout the years our business has been gradually growing. So in 2007 we entered a new stage of our development – we obtained a license for international transport of freights. Since then transportation has become the main activity of the company.

Currently we have 18 own trucks with loading capacity from 1.5 to 24 tons and volume from 20 to 100 m3. They have the following specifications:

  • 10 compositions with standard canvas semitrailers, trilateral shutters, with an XL certificate
  • 6 compositions certified directly by the manufacturer, for transport of hazardous freights under ADR (EXIII) and 8 compositions under ADR (EXII);
  • A wagon for transportation of clothes on hangers;
  • A platform for transportation of oversized freights;
  • 2 container carriers.

In order to facilitate the processing of complete and groupage vehicles, we have forklifts with lifting capacity up to 9 tons. Our warehouse for temporary storage of consignments has a 24-hour video surveillance and guards all around the clock.

Our business development has always been in close connection with the needs of the clients operating in our area. We know that they are real people with different expectations and we try to answer them in the best possible way.

Our purpose is always the same – timely and flawless delivery. Our style of work excludes excuses because always, even in complex situations, we assume responsibility for the freight entrusted to us. So we gradually build mutual trust. Our clients’ business needs are our starting point for our next steps. This interconnection is in the basis of our long-lasting relationships.

In the course of time, many of our clients have become our friends. Moreover, they are convinced that in hard times we are able to make the impossible – possible. We, of course, are not able to do wonders but our experience has shown that we are able to cope well (even in the most impossible way). Because we love our work and try to do it in the best possible way.

Stanislav Nedyalkov – Manager of Stadi Ltd


Scania Bulgaria Ltd and Stadi Ltd – partnership for success

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